5-10 years from now, will your business last in the UAE?

The UAE is a vibrant economy filled with needs and opportunities ready to be fulfilled by new businesses. However, when competition strikes, and the industry your business operates in becomes commoditized, will you win over and persevere? Or will your sales be cut in half? This is where the ability to relate to people wins.

For example, you operate a health beauty center in Dubai that performs all sorts of beauty-enhancing methods and surgeries. Once a couple of more centers open around your area, consumers are given an array of choices to make from. Why should they book an appointment at your place? The other center down the road is cheaper. The clinic next to the other block has the most proficient surgeons in the country. People will always make a choice based on how they relate to your business from a logical, emotional and a personal standpoint. The best way to create that connection is by telling your story, and that is through branding.

When you think Nike, you think persistence and motivation. When you think Coke, you think a sense of refreshment and great taste. If you tell your story correctly through branding, people will think of "something" when your company's name comes to their minds. 

There are various ways you can drive your business to employ branding so you can tell your story clearly and correctly:

1. Know Your Company's Genre: Movies portray to different audiences, because people usually have one or two genres they are really into. You've got hard-core Horror movie fans that only go in to have a good scare and you've got people who are disgusted by horror and would rather let off steam through laughing at comedy. What's the right genre for your business? If you're an Italian restaurant, are you fine-dining, bringing in middle-aged men and women in fashionable suits and dresses for a good business talk? Or are you a night hangout place playing modern dance music bringing in youths aged 19-25 for tasty, greasy spaghetti and pizza? The problem is, most businesses try to be both which diverts away from your message or story. To tell your story effectively, stick to one genre and one audience group, because the same people will bring in more like-minded people and the cycle goes on.

2. Amplify your Genre with Social Media Content: It's not enough for people to know your genre, because there are various businesses competing for the same audience as well. Don't be a fine-dining Italian Restaurant, be the best. The only way to succeed in something is being the absolute best at it. How? Leverage your audience's attention with social media by starting gradually and building up. Start posting image and video content portraying your products and services. For our example of an Italian fine dining restaurant, I'll start posting images of our fancy dishes, classy ambiance, and our elegant-looking staff. Then, once you've gathered a bit of traction, create a small brand video telling your business' story. For the restaurant, we can create a video showing John, a 34 year old English male, having a business meeting with his coworkers while eating his Tagliatelle, followed by a scene of him cheering for beautiful orchestra and piano music and ending with him taking a picture with an ancient Italian painting at the restaurant. There are endless ways you can amplify your genre/story/brand with social media and you should employ them in your business today, because that's where people's attention is.

Businesses that will last in the UAE and the region 5-10 years from now are those that have their own brand accurately illustrated to their audience. The Business with the best story wins for life.

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