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Influencer Marketing: Understanding Micro and Nano Influencers

Nowadays we are all influenced by what we see on the internet, before the rise of the internet era we were easily persuaded by advertisements but times have changed and these days most of us are desensitized to adverts altogether. As a result, companies today have adapted to smarter marketing tactics i.e. influencer marketing.

Have you ever perused through your social feed and come across your favorite internet personality using a product or recommending a service? Without thinking have you ever just clicked the link? Whether you know it or not this is the effect of influencer marketing taking place.

Studies show that users are more likely to purchase something recommended through social media. So it’s easy to see why marketers are adapting to this recourse pretty quickly.

While all this information sounds pretty positive it’s always best to do your research and see what and which type of influencer best fit your niche and brand before going into any venture. There are various of types of social influencers out there varying from Nano influencers (you and me) to Mega influencers (Kim Kardashian).

This blog post in particular will cover Nano influencers and Micro influencers but before you think all this sounds too technical it isn’t! In fact it’s very simple, like its name Nano and Micro Influencers vary based on their follower reach. A Nano Influencer is someone who would have 10-1000 followers whereas a Micro Influencer would have 1000-10,000 followers. Like I said before in order to pick the right person you also need to understand what type of influencer works for you and your marketing strategy as well as budget.


The main focus when generally using micro-influencers is to help promote your brand at a more affordable rate as opposed to using mega or macro influencers. Today, there is a rise in the demand for micro-influencers. They are able to use the age old tactic of word of mouth better than any other type of influencer since; they are your typical consumer and are more relatable. This is important when building a connection with potential users or customers. Take the example of micro-influencers like outandabout and following.lena.

Outandabout uses his handle to talk about places within the UAE he visits, along with food that he tries. He also gives recommendations to his followers, along with a snippet or view of what he experiences. This not only allows us to see through his eyes but also creates an inclination to visit or try it ourselves.

Similarly look at following.lena who uses her travel and lifestyle account to ignite the traveler in you. Her account is filled with color and tips to live a healthy lifestyle for her followers, along with the occasional cheat day. She not only encourage us to try and live full lives but also have some fun while doing it.

All in all while these types of influencers might seem to be on the cusp of celebrity status, they are viewed a little differently to the extent that they are more trust worthy. So you know that if they decide to collaborate with your brand most of the time their opinion will be genuine and honest while; being taken seriously by their followers.


Mathematically speaking, a nano of anything is 10 to the power of -9. Basically, it’s one billionth of anything. In our world with a population of over 7.5 billion it means every individual person is nano i.e. you or me. In the world of social media this is a powerful resource; it is the future of influencer marketing. Nano influencers are everyday unassuming people. They tend to have interesting hobbies and are people who are generally attractive, intelligent and of course popular amidst their peers or area of interest. For example Leon has about 400+ followers and is interested in healthy living and travelling, this creates an impact on his friends and followers while simultaneously encouraging them to join him in his ventures. This makes him seem more trustworthy and approachable to his followers than a mega influencer.

On the other hand Deepak enjoys spending his free time with friends enjoying a good meal. He uses his platform to talk to his followers about places him and his friends dine at while giving a detailed explanation of their experience. To those who follow his handle they are bound to trust his opinion as opposed to a mega influencer who would’ve definitely been sponsored to endorse.

At the end of the day, a nano influencer could be more important to brands that want real reviews and connections from real everyday people as opposed to an individual who is required to give positive feedback because of endorsements. For instance; they have a more effective reach when used by local brands and restaurants in comparison to a macro or mega influencer.

Marketers have begun increasing their budget on influencer’s every year, as such it’s time to get with the program and add a few to your marketing strategy. Remember, no matter what kind of influencer you decide to select make sure they are loyal and understand your brand. Keep in mind the type of campaign or strategy you have in selected along with your goal. If you and your influencer understand this while on the same page you are not far away from success.

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